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The Swim Buddy Series

Click here to see more about Jamie's latest art project, The Swim Buddy Series: "When Navy Seals start their training they're assigned a "swim buddy" who is a fellow trainee and who never leaves their side. They do everything together, no matter what, and are always within arms reach. It's to train them to never leave a man behind and I think it's a great way to view those people in your life who are always on your team; those people that you could spend days with and not only not have a problem, but who would make you better. I hope this series helps you think about your own Swim Buddies and how much they mean to you. After...

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The Send Wonder Campaign

Hey gang! I'm working on transferring everything over to this new site, but there's still a ton (several hundred photos!) to transfer over from my old blog. So, until then, I reckon I can sum up everything for you here fairly quickly. If you have time, please take a look at my TEDx talk over on my ABOUT page- that's the very best place to start- or for the quick explanation; the Send Wonder campaign is: A street art campaign where I leave my sealed decks of cards inside of a bottle (the "Anything Is Possible" bottle) on the street for people to find as a way to hopefully inspire them and give back. I often take pictures (I just finally joined...

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