The Send Wonder Campaign

Hey gang!

I'm working on transferring everything over to this new site, but there's still a ton (several hundred photos!) to transfer over from my old blog. So, until then, I reckon I can sum up everything for you here fairly quickly. If you have time, please take a look at my TEDx talk over on my ABOUT page- that's the very best place to start- or for the quick explanation; the Send Wonder campaign is:

A street art campaign where I leave my sealed decks of cards inside of a bottle (the "Anything Is Possible" bottle) on the street for people to find as a way to hopefully inspire them and give back.

I often take pictures (I just finally joined Instagram, like the rest of the world!) but a lot of time I just leave them and walk away...

If you'd like to try and find one, or you want to see the location photos,  my Twitter is the place to be- as that's where I post a lot of the pictures, or, now, Instagram . 

Here are some sample drops. I've left several hundred all over the world by now- so if you ever see one of these on the on the street somewhere- take it! It's for you!




I mostly take pictures- but I've also made a couple of videos over the years.